Personal “Darkness”

There is but one place in the universe that I am able to block out the personal darkness

that one and only place is just too painful a location in which to stay and just be a nothing

they at this one place in the universe, do not know, and if they do they do not care

For every day the personal darkness takes more and more from my personal space

soon very soon there will be nothing left of me and only the personal darkness will remain.

will anyone notice?

will anyone care?

shall the world just allow the darkness to overcome like a batch of weeds

like a batch of weeds overtaking the garden

slowly sucking the living the life the existence

soon there will be no bloom

no blossoms will wish to resume

will anyone save me?

will anyone be my white knight?

the personal darkness has made all in my path

black as black as the moonless sky

as black as the coal residing in the mine

as black as the rose of death just biding time

soon even the blackness will be overgrown

is there an end to the personal darkness?

who can tell me? who would notice?

if it all ended right now? tonight? or even at the edge of midnight’s moonlight

perhaps the time has come

to stop the fight to stop the light

maybe the time is near to allow the darkness to appear

to live, to blossom, to grow with all of what is nature

goodbye personal light

hello personal darkness

go ahead take what you might take all you will

I surrender I give up

hello personal darkness

your life has officially begun





Thanks to The Daily Post for the Prompt