Top 10 Must See Survival Movies

Every time new movies come to the big screen we are reminded how box office numbers continue to hit record numbers. Okay, so these numbers include movies in every style, genre, and type one might possibly imagine from remakes, animated, fictitious, based on true events, disasters, catastrophe, and of course survival. Inspiration Behind Of The Top 10 The Top 10 Must-See Survival Movies idea came to me after stumbling across an amazing documentary, Return To The Wild. I had grabbed the disc at my local library not realizing it to be a documentary or even a look back at the … Continue reading Top 10 Must See Survival Movies

Fourteen Everyday Household Items That Can Improve Outdoor Survival

Fourteen Everyday Household Items That Can Improve Outdoor Survival There are so many items that you use eevery daythat can improve outdoor survival, help achieve a missing item in your camping kit, or make it easier to eat outside. More often than not survival items can be just about anything if you take the time to think outside the box a bit. That being said here are our top fourteen everyday household items to help make life a bit easier, dryer, safer, and all around more functional.   Shower Curtain or Garbage Bag   An everyday shower curtain or garbage … Continue reading Fourteen Everyday Household Items That Can Improve Outdoor Survival

Surviving MacGyver Style

Duct Tape Survival Tricks By Karen Roguski MacGyver, televised from 1985 – 1992, gave millions a sneak peek of using unconventional items in an entirely different manner than they were intended. Almost every episode showcased MacGyver in a survival necessary situation that he was able to escape, survive, and thrive. One product that was highlighted numerous time and in hundreds of ways was duct tape. Here is our very own MacGyver style list of ways to help survivors with the use of the fix-all duct tape. Twenty-Three Survival Uses For Duct Tape Originally invented in 1942, for military waterproofing, “duck … Continue reading Surviving MacGyver Style

Best Rain Shower Heads and Reviews

What is a rain shower head? A rain shower head is designed to resemble and remind those that use it of a rain shower. Designed for luxury, comfort, and the perfect temperature these shower heads bring a personal rain cloud into the bathroom. A rain shower head is an answer to all questions at the beginning or end of the day, based only upon the time your showering normally consists. The various and multiple setting options that can be found on the different brands and models will help to make the showering experience one of great flair, design, and style. … Continue reading Best Rain Shower Heads and Reviews

The Remington PG6025 All-in-One Grooming

Every day we hear people speak about how they look or how they think that someone else looks. Apparently, the powers to be at Remington must have had very similar people around them as well. Why do you ask? When designing the Remington PG6025 they successfully started to offer the unshaven masses all the options that they had been inquiring about or had been voicing individually. We will be highlighting for you the greatest majority of those items.   Shaving people, you might want to sit back for a few as you are about to see a lot of the … Continue reading The Remington PG6025 All-in-One Grooming

Where Is The Marketing For Firearms?

Firearm advertising has been around for decades until just recently. The marketing difficulties regarding firearms is a recent issue.   One such example in past advertising can be seen here. We could have viewed this advertisement in Cosmopolitan Magazine.   Articles about  firearms, the wide variety of advertising, and other firearm pieces have never caused issues on such a large scale until recent years.   This can easily be noted from the various prominent magazines and newspapers throughout the years that have allowed a multitude of different advertising styles and methods. Advertising Regulatory Agencies In past years a number of … Continue reading Where Is The Marketing For Firearms?