The Remington PG6025 All-in-One Grooming

Every day we hear people speak about how they look or how they think that someone else looks. Apparently, the powers to be at Remington must have had very similar people around them as well. Why do you ask? When designing the Remington PG6025 they successfully started to offer the unshaven masses all the options that they had been inquiring about or had been voicing individually. We will be highlighting for you the greatest majority of those items.   Shaving people, you might want to sit back for a few as you are about to see a lot of the … Continue reading The Remington PG6025 All-in-One Grooming

Where Is The Marketing For Firearms?

Firearm advertising has been around for decades until just recently. The marketing difficulties regarding firearms is a recent issue.   One such example in past advertising can be seen here. We could have viewed this advertisement in Cosmopolitan Magazine.   Articles about  firearms, the wide variety of advertising, and other firearm pieces have never caused issues on such a large scale until recent years.   This can easily be noted from the various prominent magazines and newspapers throughout the years that have allowed a multitude of different advertising styles and methods. Advertising Regulatory Agencies In past years a number of … Continue reading Where Is The Marketing For Firearms?

Best Kid Rooms

  Designing the best kid rooms is a matter of planning the need to the space available. Before you go out and start to buy things it would be easier to create a plan as planning will save you much time, money and sanity. Where to begin is the place that most have the hardest time. If you are a renter you have little to no say or options as more often than not, you must leave floors as they came when signing the lease. The Spaces The hardest part of this project falls into this category and that is … Continue reading Best Kid Rooms

Senior Dating Over 50

  Senior dating over 50 is fairly uncommon these days according to both recent surveys as well as Today, with only 18% of those surveyed actively dating. The largest majority have not begun to date as a matter of making a statement that they do not need a mate to be complete or for simply not finding the time to incorporate dating into their current life schedule.   Of the 18% of senior people that are over 50 dating many describe the pre-senior date jitters being just like those experienced as teenagers. Oh yippee, the knowledge that so much of … Continue reading Senior Dating Over 50

What is the Difference Between Smoking & Vaporizing Marijuana? – SOMA

FacebookGoogle+Twitter There are four methods of consuming marijuana these days eating edibles, dabbing, smoking and vaporizing. Simplified consumers smoke it, eat it, vape it or dab it. Of course, each of these four methods has numerous options among them. For now, we are focusing specifically on the differences between smoking and vaporizing marijuana. Conduction versus … Source: What is the Difference Between Smoking & Vaporizing Marijuana? – SOMA Continue reading What is the Difference Between Smoking & Vaporizing Marijuana? – SOMA