What My Bat’s Mean:

Review Based Bat’s Only (Sorry)

Let me begin by saying you will not see a whole lot of 5’s handed out here. These books will be the type that I read in one sitting and wish or felt as if I were a part of the characters happenings. The elite of the elite will make this list. These are the future movies we will get to love and complain about (admit it – how often are the movies ever as good as the books we grow to love and cherish).

I hope there are not many 1’s either (for all our sake). These are the ones we always ask ourselves, at least mentally, why did their family and friends not be honest with them. Makes me almost feel sorry for them for the lack of honesty around them – no way am I going to let my friends keep any of these books on the e-reader that they carry without a warning to them – I’ll delete it myself to save them the time even.

Hope these tips help to make the BATTY BLOGGER a little easier to understand in regards to the books you will be finding within this book section – bare with me, as I get a chance, the list will become updated with a review of each book  I have read since January 1. They will be getting randomly mixed in with current reads, so if I read one of yours in the past couple of months do not be alarmed (yet) that you haven’t made it on the list.

bat moves

1 Bat = It was BATTY-BAD (Bird Cage Bottom Bad). I would NEVER be batty enough to recommend it to anyone in BAT years. Refund required. Sad to have read what parts of it I have already. These books normally do not get finished at all ever. If I were you I would not even bother with it.

2 Bats  = It was only BAT-BAD. I would be BATTY to read it again and no BATTY way would I be BATTY enough to recommend it to anyone. Ugg can I have the time back that was lost reading this book please.

3 Bats  = It was BAT-GOOD. I’d recommend reading it. Glad I read it because it was good. No need to drive across town to acquire but in the morning would work (if your old like me).

4 Bats = It was BAT-CREDIBLE. I’d recommend reading it BAT-over-BAT-again. Super cool book that you wouldn’t want to put down. Almost bookshelf quality – maybe lower shelf already.

5 Bats = It was BAT-TASTICLLY BAT-BRAG worthy!! I’d recommend buying it NOW and starting a book club to discuss it! You would be BATTY to miss a BAT-MINUTE of it if it were made into a movie. This is the type of book we used to make sure to keep on the bookshelf to reread on a rainy day. The greatest of the great books. Look up this author and book as they rule in my book.


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