Zombies Inside


We are all just zombies on the inside

Don’t get all wound with pride

Let no one tell you otherwise

No need to even try it for size

For even if they were to try

You would just be made to cry

We are all just zombies on the inside

Even as the last tears have been cried

Please take it from me

No one is ever free

It is all a riddle and a test

Confusing one with east and west

Tonight is the last

We have begun the rolling of the cast

Did you make it

To the final of all skits

You will know in a bit

All depends if you kept your wit

North then south

Shut that mouth

The end has seen

Everything has returned green

A plain wall

No markings remaining at all

Goodbye my pals

Ghouls and Gals

Zombies alone inside

Zombies inside