Free Medical, Dental, Mental & Ride 



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There are always times when one needs to look into getting “fixed?” no matter if the issue at hand is a broken or fractured bone, sick with a cold or the flu, or even having a broken tooth …here are many options for free and sliding scale clinics no matter what state you are currently…includes mental health, dental and health care options….hope it helps

not sure how to get to the location once it is found?….here is an option that can save you some time and money…..Uber is the best thing since the trolley or subway…in some locations, it is the only option available on certain days

broke and no way to get around? no car? need a free ride?…. here is an option for one free ride, to all new customers that you will find to be valid pretty much anywhere and useable most of the time…

to help pass the time while you are waiting for the arrival of your ride or your name to be called give these fun spots a shot…. BeautifulBattyBlogger  FabulousOnFaceBook   WonderfulWeedBlogger