Family Yoga: How to Motivate Your Children to Exercise with You


Family time and activities have taken on a new shape, yoga. Due to the low impact nature of yoga, it is a good way for literally every member of the family. The best way in which to motivate a child or anyone for that matter is for example. Yoga is a great way to calm and control the minds and senses of the little ones.

Practice in front of your children

One way that is almost guaranteed to have the children want to join along with your yoga workout is to work out in front of them. The smaller the children the more they are apt to want to mimic what they see the grown-ups around them doing.

Allow time for silly breaks

Attention spans again tend to gravitate to the shorter side, and the smaller the child or children the shorter the average length of time in which they will pay attention and remain in control.  To have a better grasp on the situation allow time for silly breaks. Have them be wiggly worms or jumping beans, for example, anything that is a form of changing up what you had been doing.

Create games out of the animal positioned names

Considering that many of the yoga positions have been named after animals incorporate or create a game. An example of such a game might be to have the family making the animals sounds while they are doing that particular pose. That would mean that while doing the downward dog the family would all be barking.

Poses on social media

Take pictures of the children in the pose positioning and allow it to be posted to the social media choices that they are allowed to be on. If they are younger or not normally allowed upon social media, allow them to help you to post to your own, telling them the various people that are able to see it, especially those that are far away, such as grandparents, cousins, or other various loved ones.

Allow them to be in control

Instead of telling the child or children the yoga routine as one would find in an adult group, allow them to be in control. This, of course, is rather a difficult option for those children that are very young, however, the older children typically find it rather fun and exciting to be the one in charge.

Keep fun as the focus

The best way in which to get the children involved in yoga time is to incorporate the time into a manner in which they enjoy. Be creative and have a little fun and so while your little ones. The only thing that can stop the fun and magically bonding time would be a lack of imagination.

Short amounts of time work best

Children have small, limited attention spans as a general rule so the best way to have them enjoying the family yoga time is to allow short amounts of time for working out each pose. Incorporating this as an option you are allowing them the freedom to still be children while ensuring that they are getting some daily movements and exercise at the same time.

Active Children Benefits

Active children are happy children. Why? By keeping them active you are also keeping them healthy, calm and alert. Regular exercise can help your child out by the following means.

  • Weight control
  • Better sleep
  • Strong muscles and bones
  • A better outlook on life
  • Decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Obtain Medical Clearance

Be sure that you have cleared the poses with a medical professional before beginning them, especially with babies, ill, and infants, though all is the best option that one can truly decide. No parent would want to take a chance at injuring or harming a little one in any way, that is the primary reasoning behind clarifying moves and positions with their doctor.