Best Kid Rooms


Designing the best kid rooms is a matter of planning the need to the space available. Before you go out and start to buy things it would be easier to create a plan as planning will save you much time, money and sanity. Where to begin is the place that most have the hardest time. If you are a renter you have little to no say or options as more often than not, you must leave floors as they came when signing the lease.

The Spaces

The hardest part of this project falls into this category and that is making a plan for the spaces at your disposal.

The Blueprint

Now that you have figured out space make a measured diagram of the space. When gathering the measurements include the paths and obstructions, this would be things like the location of windows, doors and its swing radius, the location of vents and even the electrical sockets. This is a huge factor in regards to the items you want or would like to purchase.

To make space and blueprint easier I like to use the Room Plannerk2

The Walls

Do the walls need attention? Prior to any other step handle the walls. Painting or papering is way easier to accomplish if you have nothing in your way. This way should you drip or make a mess it is done before any flooring work. Be sure to make certain that the walls can be easily cleaned.

I like to use paint as it has proven the easiest for my needs and my favorite brand is Kids’ Colors.

The Floors

Do you prefer carpet, hardwood, tile or linoleum? What is already laid in space? Do you need to be concerned about allergens? What is the process of cleanup for the floors as they are to what you would prefer they be?

HGTV has the perfect article and research available to take a lot of the stress out of deciding on kids flooring. If changing anything on the existing flooring it is easiest to make that change now, while the room is empty.


The Design

The design is the most fun and creative part of making the best kid rooms. Is the design for an unborn child, small kid, in-between age or one that needs to last for a number of years?

Do you want a specific theme such as a sports court, race track, superhero hideout, princess chamber, or fashion design studio?

Unsure what to do? I like to explore my options with the help of Kids Room Designs.


The Furniture

Now it is the time to buy the furniture and place it in the room that is all designed. is here to help take the guesswork out of your next household purchase.

I must admit kids’ furniture options have come a very long way since I was a child almost makes me wish I still was one.