What is your favorite fiction book?

Who is Your Favorite Fiction Writer or Writing Team?

Hands down, Janet Evanovich tops my list. Her series titles including, One For The Money, Two for the Dough….all the way to the newest release Turbo Twenty-Three are simply fabulous.

Stephanie Plum (Series) is an every day girl that has become the worlds worst bounty hunter and is simply a train wreck waiting to derail, but in the most humorous of ways.Her sidekicks of Lula (the tight clothes wearing former ho), Morelli (her cop sometimes boyfriend), Ranger (the mysterious health conscious car supplying man in black), and grandma (the funeral crashing gun toting senior citizen to look out for) have the best adventures.

When I pick up one of the books it is to read it from cover to cover, anything less is sadly disappointing. I must disclose I am a book or two behind right now but that will be remedied very soon.

Who is your favorite fiction writer or writing team? Who is your favorite fictional character?

Can not wait to hear from each of you….leave a comment, send an email or hit me up on Face Book…. I’m always in search of a good read.