Savage Interview

When we first learned we had the privilege to interview you we went online to refresh our minds and make sure we had the right band data. We hoped this would also make it to where we could learn new, previously unlearned information. Please feel free to include anything that you feel we have missed that you wish for your fans to know and hear.

How did it feel to learn that in Feb. 2015 you made the number three spot for most underrated metal albums with 1983 version Loose N’ Lethal? 
Chris: Well it’s always great to be recognised for something you have done but it’s also disappointing that we have done 6 more albums since then which we would say have been underrated. Back in the day ‘Loose ‘n’ Lethal’ didn’t feel like it was underrated we knew we had something worthwhile as at one point it was the biggest selling import into the USA, or so we were told by the distributors.
Andy: I think we were and still underrated! But not by us! Recognition is another matter, that’s harder to come by.

In 2012, you won the Best NWOBHM Comeback of Album Award. How did that feel at the time? How did that feel in 2015? 
Chris: Again it’s nice to win awards and be recognised and we really do appreciate the support of our fans and certain journalists and magazines over the years, but achieving sales really does help to keep the wolf from the door, laughs.
Andy: Really pleased, we took a risk after 10 years away to jump straight back in with a new album. We decided to be brave and it paid off and now we are trying to build on that success, 7 is even stronger and we thought it would be cool to add a live album to the package

Beginning the band as teenagers originally how does it feel to have your son/nephew with you now? Kristain how does it feel to be rocking out with your dad/uncle? I read in a couple of your previous interviews that you credit Thin Lizzy and Van Halen as your influences back in the day. Do they remain the primary influences today with your current band line-up and most recent albums? 
Chris: It’s a nightmare! I get no respect! I should have slapped him around when he was younger! No not really only kidding its great he adds another dimension to the band as he grew up listening to it but also listening to his own contemporaries, plus he gets to look after his old man on tour! Laughs.
Andy:  He’s a real asset to the band so it feels right. Keeps me on my toes!
Kristian: You mean babysitting? HA! It’s funny having never ever seen Savage live but I’ve been playing with them all over Europe. Its great fun and I love the fact I’ve had an input into the band’s sound this last 5 years. It’s been a great experience that I’ve been able to share with my family. Long may it continue!

I read in a couple of your previous interviews that you credit Thin Lizzy and Van Halen as your influences back in the day. Do they remain the primary influences today with your current band line-up and most recent albums?
Chris: Well it’s certainly true Thin Lizzy were a big influence on me as were old school heavy rock bands like Purple, Rainbow and Sabbath, but there have been other great Heavy bands emerge over the years that I like and listen too also like Priest, Scorpions, Maiden and Metallica. And notice I say Heavy Rock! I’m not a big fan of all this pigeon holing that goes on, to me good Rock music is good Rock music whether that be Punk, Metal, Grunge, Nu Metal, and I like all sorts of bands from all those genres to me if it’s got a great riff and memorable melody and plenty of heavy energy then I’m gonna like it! Whether that’s the Sex Pistols or Primal Fear, or Alice in Chains or Disturbed, it’s all great stuff and they are just some of the bands I like and listen too!
Andy: They are for me. Van Halen may not be an obvious one for a British band but you can’t avoid EVH! Michael Schenker, Gary Moore, Pat Travers also figure in my playing. You can still hear Lizzy in the mix!




If you could tour/perform with anyone alive or dead whom would you select? 
Andy: Thin Lizzy but with Phil not the versions that have come along. I wished they could get Brian Robertson involved and then it would ok with me.
Chris: Yeah the classic Lizzy lineup would be great, but I would be ecstatic if we got to tour with Maiden or Metallica, now that would be a dream come true!

Is there any truth to the online rumours that you hid a copy of an underground Metallica recording of Let it Loose on the album Xtreme Machine as one of the bonus features?
Andy: Yes it is there, a demo version of let it loose. It’s rough. I wish they would record it and then we can all go home!
Chris: Yeah the song is ‘Hyde’ the last song on ‘Xtreme Machine’. As the song is about split personality we thought it was a bit of fun to fade in Metallica’s boot leg demo version of ‘let it Loose’ in after the song had finished, probably get a cease and desist order now! Laughs

There is a third release of your Loose N Lethal album on a record label that you do not reference as being a part of anywhere, Krescendo Records. Did you authorize or know of it? 
Chris: We are aware of it but not through any official channels, this sort of things happens a lot to be honest there is also a bootleg live recording of our show at Aardschok back in ‘84’ that we were not consulted on. None of them have been authorised by or involved us, hence why nothing on the sleeves from us.
Andy: Unauthorised. I did contact them but came back with a bullshit answer that they had been given the rights. I say again, ’Bullshit’

In a couple of interviews you had said a highlight for you had been coming to America. What tour were you on, if you recall? 
Andy: In 2000 we played a festival in South Jersey, Chris will know.
Chris: Thanks Andy! It was a festival in South Jersey and to be honest I don’t remember the name of it, was a bit of a strange affair as they had two bands playing simultaneously in the same room with a curtain between the bands on the stage, but still good fun and we got to have a day in Philadelphia and a picture with Jasmin St Clair! Lol

If you became stranded on a desert island and could only have one album to listen to the entire time there, what album would you choose and why?
Andy: UFO strangers in the night. I love it, period!
Chris: Thin Lizzy ‘Live and Dangerous’ for a long time that and ‘Strangers in the Night’ were on constant play rotation for me and Andy back in the day especially when cruising around in my car, Great Days, Great Memories!

Midnight Chaser did a cover of your song Cry Wolf in July 2013. Why is it not spoken of in relationship to Metallica’s coverings? 
Andy: I think I heard it, sounded pretty good! and we are flattered, as long as we get some credit!!
Chris: Don’t think we have Andy, what we were of aware of and had heard was a South American band called ‘Cryptofonia’ so not aware of this version, will have to look for it now. But it’s great that other bands want to play your songs it’s a mark of recognition so I have no problem with it at all, in fact if a band needs the lyrics drop us an email at our website!




How in your opinion has the music industry changed over the years? 
Andy: It has changed beyond all measure. GOOD in that you can get your music out via the web to anywhere in the world without the interference and meddling of record companies. Total control! BAD in that no one is buying music, even downloading will be gone soon and be replaced by streaming. Bands will not make any money and will have to find other ways for income. That’s ok if you are Metallica level but for us or a new band that’s really tough. The live scene again is great for big bands, (that’s where the bucks are now for them), But we can’t survive on that. And the music scene generally is really dull, where is the new Punk scene? Rock scene? Grunge? etc.
Chris: Yeah it’s changed totally but the fact that you can get your music out to a larger audience also means you have to be so much more successful to make a full time career out of it, a 1000 plays of one song in China for example may net you 0.002 pence, and there just aren’t that many smaller venues where new bands playing original material can play. We are now in the era of the tribute act, pretty sad I am afraid I really don’t know how a new band can get a break anymore!

What is you all-time best and worst memory from or of the music industry since your very first performance?
Andy: Best memory is Aardschok with Metallica even though I was ill! Worst would be Rock and Bike Festival in the UK in 2015, utterly pointless, unless you are a tribute band.
Chris: Yeah I think I would go with Aardschok too as the best memory it was our first time out of the country and our first show in front of a large audience (8,000 +) as opposed to the pub and club gigs we had cut our teeth on, though at the time we were so in awe of the whole thing we were too nervous to enjoy it until afterwards.  I think my worst memory is the problems we had with record companies especially Ebony Records. Loose ‘n’ Lethal was flying back in the day but Darryl Johnstone just refused to license it in different territories which was the standard practice back then, he preferred to sell mail order. We tried hard to persuade him that the Album was going to be massive worldwide if he did this but to no avail so in the end we got a lawyer and got ourselves out of contract. Then he told us once we were out of contract that he had done a deal with RCA in the USA who were after the album but decided not to tell us as we were going to leave, something we wouldn’t have done if we had known, so Grim Reaper and Shy both got the benefit of that.

I noticed discrepancies in your bio’s and online content from back in the early days of the band from album years not being consistent to the band breaking up.  Have you noticed these? 
Andy: Go the official website. It’s all there! It’s not true that we all retired to the south of France to live on a yacht. Lol
Chris: Like Andy says, go to the website it’s all there, unfortunately, there is a lot of BS spread around on the internet these days so you have to find the right source for information. I did correct an entry on Wikipedia some years ago that had completely different members of the band in there.

Thank you so much for your time and we look forward to rocking out with you for years to come.
Chris: Yeah and thanks to you too, been fun!
Andy: Thanks for the support dude.