My Dying Bride-Feel The Misery

Music Review

Goosebumps of anticipation run down our arms until the first notes begin to trickle out of our speakers as mere moments into the lead track all our fears were quickly lost as this was absolutely what we had been hoping to hear. The unmistakable sounds of My Dying Bride from our youths had once again returned triumphantly.

The second track, To Shiver in Empty Halls, has Greg’s jaw dropping as I smile from ear to ear. Aaron’s inimitable wail deepened into the booming growl of yesteryear continuing through to the album’s finale. His personal favorite, “Within a Sleeping Forest”, leaves him hearing tales of morose sadness and deep anguish sung amid the growls and over the bare-boned riffs of Andrew mixed with the return of Calvin.

My enthusiastic nod is all the affirmation required for us each to agree that the good ole boys from across the pond have yet again graced us with the gift of mastery. The only thing that changed, in my opinion, is the formerly prominent violins now reside a little lost off in the background a bit. Should our vote be counted Feel the Misery would already be in the lineup awaiting it’s 2016 album of the year award. We easily agree MDB receives 10/10. By Karen and Greg Roguski